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Business Membership

Ted Speaker and Business Coach, Chris Hall, has authored an online membership program that serves business owners with the tools and strategies required to run a modern business.  New courses added regularly at no extra cost.

Strength Based Teams

Strengths can enable teams to be 13% more productive and up to six times more likely to be engaged.

Strength Based Start-Ups

Lean, Effective, Engaged, and Productive Start-Ups.

Business Coaching

Ultimately your business is indeed you. It is a reflection of your passions, interests and needs, but is there an opportunity to better connect the heart and soul of you to the heart and soul of your business functions?


From our CEO, Chris Hall, to Mr. Paul Graves,  the “Snowboarding Pioneer” and the 1st Sponsored Professional Rider.

Online Learning

The wisest leaders know themselves as part of their journey to lead others.