Meditation Guide

Meditation Techniques

Basically there are three technique:

  1. Guided Meditation
  2. Self-Guided
  3. Mindfulness

We generally recommend Guided Meditation when starting out because most people find it hard to concentrate on just one thing or don’t know “how to meditate” …. Guided will get you used to the sensation, relaxation and feel of it all!

How to meditate for beginners?

The “Power Up Meditations” album is a great meditation for beginners because it mixes both Guided and Mindfulness together, so you get a feel for a variety of types in one go.

Tip: actively make the time, tell anyone in your family or life that you are going to meditate and find an environment where you won’t be disturbed.

Here are some tips to maximise the experience:

  1. Posture: Having a correct and comfortable posture allows for an effective practice by bringing balance to the body and the mind.You can sit on a chair or cross legged on the floor allowing your spine to be straight, feet grounded on the floor and arms/hands resting on your legs.If you start to feel uncomfortable or in any pain, adjust your position without letting it become a distraction to your practice.
  2. Focus: Start to bring focus and awareness to your body and mind. Gently scanning over the feelings, sensations, thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing.Start to turn this focus inwards and let this awareness of experience centre you for the practice
  3. Breathing: Bringing focus to your breath is a great way to anchor the awareness to the present moment.Start by fully expanding and contracting the lungs for 5 cycles of breath, so that your cells are rejuvenated by oxygen.There is no need to regulate or control your breathing- Let It be natural!
  4. Thoughts and Emotions: It is inevitable and natural that thoughts and emotions will come and go as they please when you are meditating.The trick is to not attach to these nor try and stop them. Gently let that thought go by, as you return the awareness and focus to your breathing.The way to deal with strong emotions in meditation is to focus on how the body feels with that accompanied emotion.Let go of the stories and refocus on your body. This way you are honouring your emotions but not becoming entangled in stories.
  5. Enjoyment! Most importantly it’s about enjoying the experience!Sit with a smile on your face and really use the time for yourself.Meditation is a personal experience and we are as unique and diverse on the inside as on the out.Treat yourself with the kindness and love you authentically deserve


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