Never Walk Away From Your Passion – Snowboarding Pioneer, Paul Graves

In this Podcast, we share the triumphs and tribulations of the early days of Snowboarding and connect with the passion, determination and strategies required to birth both a sport and an industry!

Paul was the 1979 Snurfer Champion, and Founder of The National Snow Surfing Championships in 1982, now known as the US Open Snowboarding Championships. He was one of the original surfers of the mountain.

He spearheaded Snowboarding’s growth and expansion throughout North America, Europe and Japan in the early years, opening doors for Burton, Sims and other pioneers to sell their products.

Paul was the Coach/Advisor/Manager/Agent/Consultant for many of the Big names from the beginning of Snowboarding’s dominance of winter sports. Kelly, Kidwell, Karol, Coghlan, Brushie, National Geographic…just to name a few.

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