Discovering Your Path To Happiness

50% of our happiness level is determined by our genetics, 10% by circumstance, and 40% by intentional activity*.

This seminar focuses on the 40%, the intentional activities, and shows participants how to “do happiness”.  We will demonstrate that you are able to take back control, and influence how you feel on a daily basis.  This event highlights the bio-chemical, social, and psychological strategies that you can take advantage of to optimise your levels of happiness.  Happiness is a feeling, an attitude, and a way of experiencing life.

This journey is partly a choice, and is, most definitely, a practice.  Feeling happy doesn’t just magically arrive without action, so it is crucial to understand the environments, social conditions, and physical places we must put ourselves to feel it.  We’ve put this event together in a way where you can pick and choose what works for you.  The benefit of taking this seminar is that you will understand the components of happiness, and feel better as a result.  This event is led by Avoca Beach Local, and World Class Coach, Chris Hall, the CEO of Be What Want.  You can read Chris’ Bio Here

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Note to Parents & Guardians

Minors aged 12 and above are welcome, but should be accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian.  If purchasing for your Child, please remember to select the number of Adult tickets that you require also.


Part 1: Self-Care

Part 2: Relationships

Part 3: Pursuits

Part 4: Perspectives

Event Directions

Avoca Beach Surf Life Saving Club

10 Vine St, Avoca Beach NSW 2251

Parking: Available in public car parks surrounding Avoca Beach Surf Life Saving Club, including overflow car park, off Burns Street (park on the grass).  See the map below.

Avoca Beach is popular on a Saturday, so we recommend arriving by 8.30am or before in order to secure your best car parking spot.