The Mechanics of Mindfulness

Reduce Stress. Deepen Relationships. Get Authentic.

Why is Mindfulness relevant to work?

We analysed Australia’s Top 100 economic power-house companies and their core values which resulted in the identification of Teamwork, Innovation & Integrity as their drivers for greatness. We believe it impossible to express such core values without having a deep connection to Mindfulness.
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What does this workshop address?

Instant Connectivity, Expectations and Stress are causing a productivity to collapse in popular work culture. We think we are getting “more done” but often we are getting distracted by torrents of thoughts and emotions. The result is that we are exhausted and often missing the mark on getting the most important things done first.

This workshop shines a light on a new possibility of Mindfulness and provides practical tools and perspectives that can be employed in both personal and professional life.

Why should I come to Be What You Want?

The uniqueness of our organization is that we are authors of world class personal development methodology. This means that we are not just repeating text books parrot fashion, we are providing customized empowerment tools to help you discover your True Self.

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