What types of coaching do we offer?

We offer Life Coaching and Business Coaching with different styles and twists accordingly.

Where in the world can you be coached?

Be What You Want’s Life Coaching and Business Coaching services are available internationally. We are here to provide a platform for you to feel alive and empowered beyond belief. By pushing yourself to be the best version of YOU each and everyday, you will make space for transformation and inspiration in all areas of life.

How long does it last?

Be What You Want offers a 13 week programme which covers everything from Inspiration, Passion, Goals, Values, Beliefs and much more! The coaching format includes a coaching session every two weeks and regular progress support. We primarily recommed the 13 week length because it allow for momentum to build and for true transformation to occur!

How much does it cost?

Single Session
$200 AUD
Just pay for each Session, no strings attached
Total Transformation
$1,600 AUD
13x week programme of 7x coaching sessions, including special Gallup Strength tests and assessment.
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Example Subjects

• Explore what it is to feel inspired...tap into your "zone" where time just stops • Understand what motivates you at a deepest and most authentic level • Examine and discover your Values systems and align your Values to Goals consciously • Find the answers inside and become resilient to the good opinion of others! • Bring awareness to your ambitions • Examine the seen and unseen assumptions in your life that are creating Fear • Learn about the "False Test" (TM) to quickly eradicate unnecessary concerns (this will blow your mind!) • Redefine your problems so that they all become manageable and thus less fearful • Get comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone!


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